These videos are provided to assist solicitors in complying with their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations. It is up to the viewer to establish whether watching a video will, in each case, entitle them to claim CPD points. This will depend on the CPD rules applicable to the solicitor, which vary between jurisdictions.

Without limitation, the entitlement to claim CPD points for watching videos may depend on the nature of the solicitor’s practice, their practice needs or their professional development and / or any cap or limitation on the total amount of points which may be claimed for such activity.

Gilbert + Tobin makes no representation about the ability of a solicitor to claim any CPD points for watching any material in Smart Counsel, and does not represent that it will assist any solicitor with their CPD obligations in this or any associated respects (including, without limitation, any obligation of the solicitor to record keep, certify or verify their CPD obligations).

The contents of the material in these videos, as material contained in Smart Counsel is further subject to the usual Smart Counsel disclaimer.