The Harper changes to Australia’s Competition laws

Australia’s competition laws changed in November 2017.
This tool focuses on the changes to misuse of market power and concerted practices.

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Concerted Practices

Competition law now includes a new prohibition against concerted practices. Concerted practices are not defined in the law but the ACCC says it includes many types of information sharing, including:

  • through a third party
  • where there is no obligation to use the information
  • ‘one way’ communications
  • between parties who are not competitors

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Misuse of market power

The law against misuse of market power has changed. It is now easier for a corporation with market power to
breach the law.

Companies with market power now need to consider the purpose and effect of their activities on competition.

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For corporations it is the greater of $10 million or 3 x the value of the benefit. For individuals it is $500,000 per contravention.

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